All the Books I've Read (and Loved) in 2018

Every year without fail, one of my New Year's resolutions is to read more. Between browsing the library and my favorite bookstore Alexander Books, my to-read list is constantly growing. Last year I read a lot of excellent books*, and a few mediocre ones. Sharing the full list in case you're looking for a great read to pick up.


Little Fires Everywhere - Probably already on your reading list. This is an excellent book that explores idyllic values, uncovered secrets, and what defines motherhood. It’s currently being adapted into an eight part series on Hulu.

Dear Ijeawele* and We Should All Be Feminists* - I want to buy these books for everyone in my life and pass them out on the street to strangers. Everyone needs to read these. Chimamanda so eloquently and simply explains some of society’s deepest rooted issues.

Homesick for Another World* - Bizarre and intriguing collection of short stories about the mundanity of life and the often unsavory characters living in it. Each story features someone conventionally unlikeable but portrays them in a way that’s undeniably human.

Behold the Dreamers* - A Cameroonian immigrant in search of a better life for himself and his family in New York finds work as a chauffeur for an executive at Leman Brothers before the market crash. Highly recommend!

The Mothers - A story about community and friendship, and how one summer can change everything.

The Art of Fielding - A college short stop destined for the major leagues makes a disastrous play that alters the lives of everyone around him.

Call Me By Your Name - Read this one before the movie came out, which I still haven’t gotten around to watching. Full of nostalgia and longing.

The Husband’s Secret - From the same author as Big Little Lies, I picked this up at the airport after my flight was delayed. Perfect way to kill a few hours. Terrible title and silly premise, but I got sucked in regardless. Fingers crossed Reese makes this one into a series too!

Men Explain Things to Me - Essays on gender, marriage equality, and violence against women. Difficult to read at some points, but important.

The Four Agreements - So many people swear by this book. A worthwhile read that can be summed up with the below:
1) Be impeccable with your word
2) Don’t take anything personally
3) Don't make assumptions
4) Always do your best

The Female Persuasion - A story about the complexity of female friendship and the joys and dangers of mentorship.

The Idiot* - This is one of the most unique, surprising, and well rounded books I’ve read in a really long time. The point of view of this coming of age story is so genuine. Full of intellectual musings that I must admit were sometimes over my head, this book left me with a lot to consider.

New Minimalism* - I love this approach to minimalism. Optimizing your space to make it work for the life you live instead of asking if each item you own “sparks joy.” I went to a workshop at the Assembly lead by the authors (who have backgrounds in psychology and interior design) and really appreciate that they offer resources on sustainable living.

Big Magic - Stumbled across the one in the sale bin and decided to give it a go. Creativity is of the utmost importance, but shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Kind of woo-woo, but had some good nuggets buried in there.

The Elizas - Recommended to me by a friend, this if about a girl who after a near death experience struggles with what is real and what is not. The novel she’s writing gets mixed up with her life and the line between reality and fiction starts to blur.

Heart Talk* - Cleo Wade’s debut is full of beautifully illustrated poems, mantras, and inspiration. Her work is hugely popular on Instagram, but it extends beyond just aesthetics and manages to feel really genuine.

Crazy Rich Asians - After hearing so much buzz surrounding the movie, my book club decided to read this. Easy, mindless, beach read.

Fruit of the Drunken Tree* - Set in Columbia in the late ‘80s and ‘90s when violence escalated because of Pablo Escobar, this book follows an unlikely friendship held together by a secret.

The Interestings - A group of childhood friends from summer camp grow up and only two of them become hugely successful. A look into the animosity and jealously that can arise when your closest friends are elevated into a world that feels out of reach.

Let me know if there are any great books you’ve read recently and would recommend. I’d love to read your suggestions!