Valentine's Day

Valentines Day: a holiday now synonomous with candy hearts, chocolate covered strawberries, and vehement public proclamations of adoration. Whether you’re spending V-Day with your significant other or your best gals, I hope your day is full of love. In the spirit of V-Day, I threw together this bralette with red velvet, a bra I had lying around, a needle, and some thread. A really simple DIY to slip underneath your clothes for a constant reminder of who you hold dear.

Anyone who knows me well can vouch that I love gift giving. It’s so much fun stumbling across the perfect gift and watching excitement appear on the receiver’s face as they open it. Typical Valentine’s day gifts include chocolate, but unfortunately my boyfriend dislikes all sweets except for almond croissants. I made a mad rush to Thorough Bread and Pastry, located on Church St. in San Francisco, and got a few Almond Croissants before they sold out. Just take a look at their Yelp page, I swear every single comment talks about how delicious these pastries are, and they are not exaggerating. A potted succulent and a thoughtful card round out the gift; small but sweet.

Even if there’s an absence of romantic sentiment, let today be an excuse to show yourself a little love! Forget about drugstore aisle gifts and cheesy greeting cards, instead treat yourself to a delicious lunch, an afternoon yoga session, and a few sweet treats. Write handwritten cards for the people you appreciate and love and mail them out. Getting snail mail in a pile of bills and otherwise uninspiring letters can make anyone's day. If you are in a relationship spending the day with your significant other, love without expectations or competition. Don’t let other couple’s public declarations make yours seem less romantic or valid. Kind words, thoughtful cards, and quality time spent together go a long way – your evening doesn’t have to be spent in a trendy restaurant with an overpriced menu. No matter how you spend your day, abound in the fact you are loved by your friends, family, and those lucky enough to share this day with you.