Waiting in line to eat at Nopa, I legitimately felt like I was an extra in the Portlandia bunch episode. The people of San Francisco take their brunch very seriously. After grabbing a cocktail at the crowded bar, we headed to Alamo Square to kill some time. 

Luckily someone didn't show up for their reservation and we were able to get a table. All feeling indecisive, we ended up sharing a few plates. The custard french toast with meyer lemon butter was unreal. I love lemon flavored sweets and experienced what can only be described as french toast euphoria. 

We also tried the chili braised pork shoulder with midnight beans and crème fraîche along with the soft scrambled eggs. I wasn't a huge fan of either of these plates, but everyone else really enjoyed them. The oven baked egg was my personal favorite and I ended up finishing it myself. Overall, Nopa has really tasty, creative plates but I'm not sure if I would endure the lengthy wait to eat here again. Either get there early -really, really, early- or try out a different spot.