Mexico Photo Diary

My short week in Mexico was spent amongst great company, passing time lying on the beach, eating authentic food, and drinking too much tequila. 

Tulum Mayan Ruins
There's so much history in Mexico, and Tulum specifically. Make sure you stop at the Mayan ruins to see the limestone buildings that used to house a village specializing in turquoise and jade seaport. Contrasting the crumbling buildings, is the bright Caribbean ocean directly beneath the ruins. With picturesque stairs that lead directly to the beach, it's easy to spend an entire day here. 

Cenote Sac Actun
If your time is limited, make sure you prioritize going to a cenote. There are 170 in the Yucatan Peninsula, but each one is unique. The Mayan people believed these sink holes were entrances into the underworld and used them as ancient burial grounds. During snorkeling and scuba diving tours, you can actually see human bones at the bottom of the cenotes. Over head, you'll notice stalactites which look like stone icicles. They're created by dripping water that deposits calcium salt, but 1 centimeter takes 100 years to form. It's incredibly humbling to swim inside a cave that's so much older than you. 

Depending on where you stay, you'll notice an overabundance of resorts that look strikingly similar. I don't recommend staying in a resort if it's your first time visiting, as you'll likely get sucked into the free drinks and food, beautiful beach, and infinity swimming pools. Not that any of those things sound bad in the slightest, but if you want to explore the city, find authentic food, and discover off the map spots, you may want to stay in an Airbnb. During the course of our trip, we kept visiting the same restaurant for their fish tacos. The waiter grinned every time we walked in the door and asked for a table in broken Spanish. The cooks were gracious enough to offer us a cooking class and taught us how to make their signature tamarin sauce. 

Playa del Carmen
Although Playa del Carmen was pretty packed when we went, we managed to snag a spot on the beach. We packed a few Coronita's and got some ceviche from a beachside vendor. 

Isla Mujeres
We took a ferry to Isla Mujeres to go snorkeling. The boat we choose offered free beers and the option to snorkel without a life vest. Highly recommended. 

Part amusement park, part dinner cruise, Xoximilco was an interesting experience. The food was mediocre but I met an entire mariachi band which was amazing.