Magnolia Brewing Smokestack

It feels like every time I turn around another soul food restaurant offering fried chicken, mac and cheese, and collared greens pops up seemingly overnight in San Francisco. Often overpriced and full of extremely hip people, these restaurants feel gimmicky. Strolling through Dog Patch after an afternoon rock climbing session, my boyfriend and I smelt Magnolia Brewing's Smokestack before we saw it. Anything but unauthentic, this restaurant is dedicated to wood-fired cookery. They don't even have a gas stove! 

I tried the mac and cheese and collard greens, both of which were really, really, good. I may even venture to say that these are the best collard greens I've ever had. Griff tried the beef brisket, ribs, and baked beans and was sufficiently satisfied. The smoky flavor in everything we tried was clearly a direct result of their commitment to detail and time. 

Managing to transform an industrial building into a cozy and welcoming space is challenging, but the folks at Smokestack truly nailed it. Check out the videos on their homepage for a inside look at the inspiration behind -and the work that went into- crafting this place. The various textures on the walls, the chalkboards detailing specials, and especially the sliding wooden ladder at the bar made this place as aesthetically pleasing as it was delicious. We'll be back soon for a bite and a beer.