Lord Stanley

As anyone passionate about food will attest, presentation is a key component to a great meal. Plates featuring gracefully balanced garnishes are both impressive to look at and dive into. Ranking third on Bon Appétit's list of Top 10 Best New Restaurants in America, Lord Stanley is as aesthetically pleasing as it is delicious. Living up to this new title could be daunting, but Lord Stanley did not disappoint. 

Their impressive and inventive menu showcases familiar foods in ways you've never experienced before. Unique pairings like picked trumpet mushrooms with almond and garlic transform otherwise uninspired foods into truly outstanding bites. We started our meal with the onion petals and sherry vinegar and the before mentioned mushrooms and almond dip. I especially liked the mix of textures and how unexpected each dish was. 

Lord Stanley's menu is ever changing with new dishes to try. The seared squid with summer squash, cucumber and curry is no longer on the menu, but it was impeccably cooked. Squid has a bad reputation for being chewy and rubbery, but this dish wasn't at all. The green curry sauce was flavorful without being overpowering and was a great complement to the squid. 

With so many businesses jumping on the minimalist band wagon, these spaces feel empty, cold, and unauthentic more often than not. Lord Stanley nails it in a really genuine way. Their monochromatic textural space was a welcome contrast to the delicate, layered, colorful dishes. According to Julia Kramer, Lord Stanley's "stylish room (is) outfitted in enough shades of ivory to please the most austere Kinfolk reader." Between the large fur wall hanging, artfully hung lights, and mid-century wooden chairs, Lord Stanley feels very Kinfolk but in a warm and welcoming way. 

The local halibut with butter beans, samphire, and roasted dashi was my favorite part of the meal. The butter beans were packed with flavor and the fish was served in a really fantastic almost broth-like sauce. Griff tried the slow cooked short rib with confit mirepoix and red wine jus and mentioned that he wanted to take smaller bites in the hopes that the dish would last forever. 

Finishing our meal with the dark chocolate pudding with black sesame and toasted rice, and the goat cheese tart with black garlic and lavender was the cherry on top of an unbelievably tasty meal. Don't hesitate to try this amazing restaurant out if you're able to snag a table. Congratulations Lord Stanley on making BA's Top 10!