London Photo Diary

London is captivating: full of well dressed people, great food, and beautiful sights. The city itself is lovely, but the people are most memorable. Meeting artists, musicians, and writers who weren't afraid to act on their passions was truly inspiring. 

Tourist for a Day
You simply can't go to London and not see the Eye, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, or London Bridge. We devoted an entire day to seeing the sights. I was shocked by the sea of people surrounding us nearly everywhere we went, and the size of these landmarks. I quickly found out Big Ben really isn't so big. Nevertheless, touring these beautiful locations was absolutely worth it. 

One of the most photogenic places I've been, Sketch is the Alice in Wonderland of restaurants. The expansive space has individually themed rooms, including a midsummer night's dream, a pink room complete with chevron tile floors, and egg shaped bathroom pods with a rainbow ceiling. I suggest you make a reservation for the pink room and have afternoon high tea or champagne. The pastries they serve are seriously good. Sketch is a short walk from Oxford Circus and a really nice way to break up your day of sight seeing. 

Morty & Bob's
Tucked inside what looked to be an office building, Morty & Bob's is what all coffee shops aspire to be. M&Bs is outfitted with lush greenery and potted succulents, broken in leather sofas, and full walls of windows. When can I move in? 


Street Art
London is well known for it's street art, and for good reason. I don't think I've seen more murals or random art pieces in one place. While we were visiting, there happened to be an art showcase with a focus on light. Pieces on the side of buildings or in store windows lit up Piccadilly Circus at night. It was absolutely beautiful. 

Saatchi Gallery
During our stay, the Saatchi Gallery was hosting an exhibit featuring female artists. Despite a negative review we read in a newspaper we found on the Tube, we decided to check it out anyways. I'm so glad we did. 

Store Windows
This may seem like a bizarre mention, but shop windows were so detailed and well done. 

Artwords Book Store
This book store focuses entirely on visual culture including art, design, and fashion. Every book in this shop felt hand selected and immediately sparked my interest. Regardless of the fact that my carry on was bursting at the seams, I picked up a few books and somehow managed to get them home. 

Primrose Hill
Pack a baguette, a bottle of wine, and tell your friends to meet you here. Golden hour was magical and you get a great view of the city. There are great restaurants nearby as well, namely a hole in the wall Italian spot that serves butternut squash ravioli in brown butter sage sauce.  

Potrait Museum
One of my favorite activities from my trip. After the museum looked through hundreds of thousands of admissions, this exhibit was created. Every portrait was accompanied by a quote that managed to encompass the subject's story. Like Humans of New York but more intimate. 

Brick Lane
If you looking for a perfect vintage piece or a fur coat, stop by Brick Lane. The vintage stores are insane and most items are one-of-a-kind and in great condition. There are loads of Indian restaurants around this area so definitely stop for a bite to eat as well. Allegedly the bagel was invented not too far away, so grab one of those too. You're on holiday!