Just Mercy

The wear and tear I bestow on a book is directly proportionate to how thoroughly I enjoyed it. Hauling it around in my purse to read during my commute with pages earnestly dog eared and passages ardently underlined in agreement. Just Mercy is not an easy read filled with fluff or easily digestible bites of banter. It is full of heartbreaking stories, racial discrimination, and social injustice. It's a difficult read but an immensely important one. 

When I first heard Bryan Stevenson speak, he was addressing a packed room of Chico State students, professors, and community members. What struck me initially was the diversity of attendees. So many people from different walks of life dropped what they were doing to come see this man speak on civil injustices. Most notably, an 11 year old girl stood up to ask an eloquently phrased question about what she could do to help. Being surrounded by this group of people was energizing, as we'll have to similarly band together to create a solution. We have to confront our biases and look injustice in its face. Our civil justice system clearly does not work, proven by Stevenson's compelling and powerful words. This exceptional book is a must read. Profiling innocent men and women on death row, Stevenson writes a narrative that can hardly be ignored after reading. 

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